A Trusted, Certified and Secure Solution for Data Governance

by Adam Milward , January 21st, 2021

MetadataWorks are proud to be one of the few metadata management solutions to be ISO9001 and 27001 certified. But what is ISO and why is it important in data governance solutions? 

What is ISO? 

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is an internationally renowned independent standards organisation. 


ISO9001 specifies that organisations must provide products or services that consistently meet customers’ needs and enhance customer satisfaction through a process of continual improvement all while ensuring that the quality management systems (QMS) conform with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. 


ISO27001 stipulates the preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information for information security management systems by applying a risk management process that gives customers confidence that risks are adequately managed. 


Why does it matter? 

We are always innovating our products to best facilitate the progression of our customers. There’s no surprise then that we adopt the same approach to our quality management systems.  


Our solutions and systems are designed with the highest level of integrity to ensure the best quality performance. 


  • Assurance and Confidence – Customers are assured and confident in our systems and processes to best accommodate their needs, wants and objectives in the provision of consistent, reliable, fit-for purpose solutions.


  • Maintenance of High Standards – Making claims to quality management is easy. Actually implementing these systems is harder to measure. ISO certified businesses are subject to independent audits and regular internal reviews. High standards are maintained by annual assessments meaning customers have trust and confidence in our quality management system and not fear a slip in standards.  


  • Risk Reduction – ISO certified organisations are equipped to understand and mitigate risks if they arise, arming them with the agility to survive and recover from risks.  


  • Perpetual Improvement – Throughout the ISO9001 there is emphasis on the importance of continuous improvement. Regular independent audits coupled with internal reviews ensures inefficiencies are routinely identified and rectified. Guaranteeing that organisations are always operating at peak efficiency and have the capacity to maintain their competitive edge. 


If you want a  trusted companion to accelerate data governance in your organisation, speak to our team here.

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