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Our Products


Our fully featured flagship offer that provides the knowledge base for managing data across your organisation.


A secure and affordable cloud solution to improve data quality in your enterprise.

Our products are fully supported by our expert team - your support package can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Consultancy – our clients often need specialist advice and support – we offer a full range of consultancy services from independent review and evaluation reports to providing implementation with your on-site or virtual team.

Imagine a city without any road maps, no bus routes maps, no underground maps, and no readily available ‘knowledge’; people will still get from A to B, but travelling around will be difficult, slow and stressful. This is probably what the data landscape looks like in your organisation; data sharing is happening but it’s slow, inefficient and prevents effective and timely business decisions and outcomes.

Our flagship product, METADATAexchange, provides a readily available map of data assets in each location – visible by all; the data assets may be applications with API’s, cloud services, data warehouses or spreadsheet. The important information for each asset is mapped, the data owner is identified, the provenance and security of the data can be seen – even if the data itself cannot, people know what is where, and who to approach to access the data they need.

Suddenly all those little journeys turn from being stressful, time-consuming and jarring into voyages of discovery.

Always Open Source

We believe that true interoperability and integration will only be achieved through open standards, collaborative architectures and shared algorithms, which is why we are committed to making all our products open source.