Data Hygiene is a limiting factor in

  • healthcare
  • social care
  • life sciences
  • government
  • finance
  • retail
  • our society

Analysts need access to clean and complete data

Highly skilled (expensive) analysts are being wasted

On the least enjoyable, low-level tasks

  • Building training sets
  • Cleaning and organising data
  • Collecting datasets
  • Mining data for patterns
  • Refining algorithms
  • Other


Best paper award at the 7th international conference for model driven engineering


More intuitive

More extensible

More flexible

More efficient

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20% of analysts time is spent searching for the right data. Our knowledge base allows you to find what's available and what the governance is to access, share and process data.


Analysts spend 1000's hours transforming and integrating data. Organisations can save time and money by reusing international standards and publishing mapping and algorithms centrally.


Data in a spreadsheet is meaningless without context. Our tools provide that context in the way of syntax and semantics, qualifications and provenance.


'17000 men were pregnant' in the UK national statistics in 2013. Simple quality checks can validate and quality assure data early in the life-cycle to stop costly errors like this.

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