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The METADATAexchange is more than just another data catalogue. It is built upon an innovative metamodel originally developed in partnership with researchers from Oxford University to build a bridge between traditional and semantic data management. Our metadata management platform allows you to get the most out of the information in your enterprise by standardising meaning and syntax across different data sources, improving data quality, improving data discovery and access and enabling interoperability . But don’t just take our word for it, MetadataWorks has implemented a range of successful services for organisations such as Genomics England, NHS Digital, North West Thames and many others.

"When we started our work on the 100,000 Genomes Project, the complexity of managing data across so many different sites made it clear that our traditional methods for managing data definitions and processes were not going to work. Metadata Consulting have helped to ensure consistent and standardised data quality and processes for the 100,000 Genomes Project, supporting genome genomic analysis for participants."

Amanda O’Neill,
Director of Clinical Data, Genomics England

METADATAexchange can be provided as a Cloud or internally hosted service and is flexibly priced to accommodate all sizes of enterprise and complexity of use cases. The platform is license-free and is available with a range of service levels, technical implementation and consultancy services.

Subscribe to the METADATAexchange to:

  • Catalogue; so you know what data you have and where to find it

  • Define; describing syntax and semantics makes your data more meaningful and trustworthy

  • Standardise; preload internationally and national information standards to increase interoperability within and outside your organisation to support interoperability and integration

  • Govern; share policies, classifications and authorisation rules that apply across your organisation

  • Transform; automatically map local codes and entities to a common representation and share mappings so they can be reused throughout the organisation

  • Derive; share formulas, algorithms and derivations so that knowledge workers aren't trying to reinvent the wheel

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