• Organise

    METADATAexchange is a knowledgebase for data used by organisations improving data management

  • Clean

    METADATAmonitorβ quality assures data for our early-adopters

  • Visualise

    METADATAflowα | METADATAmapperα| METADATAformsα developed with customers to visualise data

Subscribe to the METADATAexchange to:

  • Catalogue; so you know what data you have and where to find it

  • Define; describing syntax and semantics makes your data more meaningful and trustworthy

  • Standardise; preload internationally and national information standards to increase interoperability within and outside your organisation to support interoperability and integration

  • Govern; share policies, classifications and authorisation rules that apply across your organisation

  • Transform; automatically map local codes and entities to a common representation and share mappings so they can be reused throughout the organisation

  • Derive; share formulas, algorithms and derivations so that knowledge workers aren't trying to reinvent the wheel

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